victoriaThis is a lovely classic style wedding carriage with a large seat for the bride and the person giving her away.  It also has a drop down seat for 2 small flower girls or page boys.

The carriage also has a 3/4 hood which does keep you dry if it does rain.  The carriage is fullly decorated with flowers and ribbons of your choice.




vizvizThis is a lovely 6 seater carriage, with velvet upholstery, it has a full hood and open side so all your friends can still see you.

The carriage is also fully decorated with flowers and ribbons of your colour choice.





Glass fronted Landau

glass-carriage-externalThis carriage is absolutely stunning and is ideal for all year round weddings.  The carriage seats 4-5 people comfortable and is a fully enclosed carriage that can become fully convertible in minutes, so you have the best of both worlds.






Polish Wagonette

polish-wagnetteThis is an 8 seater wagonette and is ideal for your bridesmaids or close family to get them to the church or reception.

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